Individual tuition – why it works (The Benefits of Private Tuition)

At Nairobi Home School we know that one-to-one teaching is an exceptionally effective approach and most teachers and parents would agree it is an ideal academic environment; but why is it so effective?

One of the key reasons why individual tuition yields such good results is because learning is a complex process and it doesn’t happen in the same way for everyone . Individuals learn in different ways and at different paces. Learning in a 1:1 setting is so much more rapid and effective because sessions are precisely customized to the needs and targets of the individual in a way that cannot consistently happen in groups.

A key advantage of one-to-one tuition is that it is easy for a tutor to ask questions to check for understanding. The tutor can then re-visit anything that has not been mastered or stretch and extend the learner if things are understood quickly. Equally, a learner is able to discuss and ask questions freely throughout a session in a non-threatening, understanding and supportive environment. Individual tutoring allows for this high level of quality interaction and response between teacher and learner. That is why personal tutoring works so exceptionally well.

Even the best schools, colleges and universities face huge challenges in trying to give learners the individual time that they need. However, everyone needs individual support and input at various times in their life. Just a short series of lessons can make a huge difference.

At Nairobi Home School we can discuss your learning needs and find the ideal specialist tutor to help you. Nairobi Home School is not just a business; we are caring professionals who are passionate about tutoring because we know that personal tuition works and makes a difference.