The Value of Adult Learning

Adult learning contributes significantly to people’s well-being and life satisfaction, according to research commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. But how does learning benefit us so much, and what support is available for adults interested in studying new subjects and developing new skills?

Learning is a lifelong experience: it doesn’t end with leaving school or even graduating from university. Those who enjoyed learning at school are most likely to continue studying but, with encouragement and support, even those who were not academic at school can discover new enthusiasm for learning in later life.

Furthermore, learning a language or brushing up on your maths skills could boost your life satisfaction in the same way as a pay rise.

Learning was found to provide significant boosts to self-confidence, while raising people’s aspirations; adult learners, it seems, are more likely to further their career and expect higher salaries.

People in their fifties and sixties could also enjoy great benefits, with learning being found to offset the natural decline in wellbeing as people age.

The Skills Minister, Matthew Hancock, said: “This research shows how adult learning, whether it’s a course to further someone’s career or an evening class for enjoyment, has the potential to change lives for the better, whilst also creating a highly-skilled nation that will help businesses to get the skills they need to grow and boost our international competitiveness.”

Nairobi Home School has been supporting adult learners  by providing home tutoring in various subjects at times to suit our clients’ needs. As well as offering tuition in core subjects such as English and maths, whether for GCSEs or other qualifications, or simply for self-improvement, Nairobi Home School strives to offer home tutoring in as many subjects as possible to cater for all interests and needs.