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Why Home School?

Your child’s benefits…



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We do not just focus on “highly experienced” teaching, we do not just come and teach your child or yourself; we make learning exciting, interesting and fun, it is a school at home. Our holistic approach to home schooling ensures your child develops fully cognitively and affectively, moulding him/her into an individual equipped with vital life skills, academic excellence and a highly developed but human conscious personality.


Nairobi Homeschool 42

The development of the child into a morally upright individual is a major advantage in home schooling. For example research has shown that students who were involved in deviant behavior do adjust and drop vices such as drug abuse, violence and immorality. Nairobi Home school prides itself in reforming many such children who after reforming become highly successful at what they do.



How many children go through and teachers never identify the special skills the child possessed! That child could be the next Steve Jobs, Bill gates, Lionel Messi, Barack Obama! The one on one tuition that we offer enables the teacher and subsequently the parent to identify talent, gifts and specific skills at which the child is immensely good at thereby enabling easy career guidance and counseling to the child. we do not just focus on “doing homework’, ‘look at the blackboard”, “read the passage” kind of stuff. Out tutors are conscious of the need to be friends with the child through constant personalized dialogue helping to spot interests and special abilities. And that is going to be attained in a school of over 1000!


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In conventional teaching, the parent will never supervise a teacher, we give you the opportunity to chose what is not good for your student.

Our home school has a wide variety in clientele including University & college students, Individuals who for a range of reasons did not complete their high school or would wish to upgrade their academic skills. Our most mature student is currently over 60! It is never to late for education, education is not just for you to get a good job, actually it never is just about  getting a job but about the important skills that you gain as a result of education.

Importantly, OUR CLIENTS ARE CONFIDENTIAL WHEN THEY REQUEST SO. That means we do teach high level individuals in the privacy of their study or living room away from the glare of the public. Those who do not subscribe to this privacy can be linked to sports camps, excursions, treasure hunts where they horn vital life skills.


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