In 2009, a team of 4 teachers were plucked from an international school in Nairobi by a parent of Australian origin. The parent had been disillusioned by, among other factors, the inability of her son to find a footing in school for more than a term. Her son had been in 4 other schools and always had a reason to dislike any school that he was admitted in.

Networking isolated families

We have helped network many isolated families that homeschool their children

Back in the UK, the student had been a forerunner in his class, but began dropping drastically ever since he arrived in Nairobi. He was no longer interested in pursuing academics and had already withdrawn into playing guitar most of the time he was at home. His mother described him as “academically stunted “. His grades could rarely reach a paltry C, even in his favourite Psychology subject. The team of 5 tutors took up homeschooling George (not his real name) and had him score A grade later in the year. Two of the group of four were to be the founders of Nairobi Home School.

One-on-one learning

Many students have improved their grades due to customized one-on-one learning.

The student was to be the first of many that Nairobi Home School would transform in terms of aacdemic perfomance, positive attitude to education and general people skills. That was the birth of the success story that is Nairobi Home School.
We have grown over the years due to experience, research and training to be master home schoolers for students whose parents are working or those who prefer a professional touch to the Education of their children at home.

Diplomas and certificates

Many adult students have advanced to earn diplomas and certificates.

Many adult students have advanced to earn diplomas and certificates that were initially unreachable for them. Others have greatly improved their skills at work, can speak and write better at work and earn vital respect from their peers.

Graduands in top universities

We have churned out graduands in top universities and colleges across the World.

We have helped many students adjust to changes in their education systems, from local education system to International systems of Education and viceversa.
We have earned reputable references in matters homeschooling.
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What we offer

For all ages, all levels and in nearly all subjects.

 With an Area office and someone to speak with you personally.

We have personal tutors to recommend to help you, your family and friends with school and college subjects, learning skills and exam preparation.

We take our responsibility of child protection very seriously and each Area Advisor only recommends tutors who they believe  can be safely placed in a position of trust.

We do our best to prepare pupils of all ages for examinations – including  GCSE’s, A / AS Levels, IB – and other professional exams.   Try us.  We will do our best to support and prepare for most Educational tests and examinations.

We  are pleased also to recommend tutors to families who have chosen to Home Educate their children.