Edexcel A Levels

Students of GCE (Curriculum 2000) follow a one-year Advanced Subsidiary (AS) course in the first year, set at a level slightly easier than A level and leading to an AS qualification at the end of the first year. They can then choose to continue into a second (A2) year at A level standard, working towards a full A level qualification.

Changes to subject content from 2015

A levels are being changed to ensure that the qualifications equip students for higher education and to make them linear. The key subject changes are:


strengthened mathematical and quantitative content to ensure that students have the necessary numeric skills for undergraduate study


the inclusion of an unseen text and a reduction in the number of texts from twelve to eight, to include Shakespeare


a requirement to study topics from a chronological range of 200 years to ensure that students study history from more than one century, and a reduction in the proportion of British history.

There are many additional changes. These can be discussed in a face to face consultation with staff at Nairobi Home School ltd.