An unparalleled school experience. At home.

For many reasons, a school experience might not best suit every child or help them reach their potential. Learning with NHS, our home-schooled students make astonishing academic progress, develop emotionally and socially, and follow their own path to success, wherever they are.

Whether you need a full team of tutors to create a personalised, comprehensive programme, a live-in mentor to direct and complement existing arrangements, or an expert to join you while you’re on holiday, NHS is here to help.

What makes our homeschooling unique

Starting with ongoing assessments to monitor progress, we will put together a full programme of tuition to ensure each student is fulfilling their potential.

That means addressing weaknesses, building on strengths, and instilling an indelible love of learning. The best part of home schooling is that it is built around each student.

A Comprehensive Programme

Our tutors identify their students’ passions and create personalised schemes of work to educate, excite, and inspire.

With our comprehensive programs, the Director of Studies guides all the tutors and ensures the curriculum is followed – and built upon – if relevant, including organizing exams.

We can also guide a program of extracurricular activities such as music, learning trips, sports, or debating to ensure every student receives a well-rounded education and opportunities to socialize with others.

Get Started

Organise a call with our Director of Education to discuss creating your perfect solution.

We are on hand to provide you with the best education support, education consultancy services.

With over ten years’ experience helping families and students succeed, NHS is uniquely placed to create the perfect homeschooling arrangements for your family.