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The coronavirus pandemic has led to closure of schools, in a major disruption to the Kenyan public education system. With the closure of schools all over Kenya, parents and students have to adapt to the new reality of remote learning, via online resources. Our teachers have experience and work in every subject area. In Mathematics, they handle basic arithmetic all the way through integration Calculus in Form 4, from Grade 1 English to analysing novels and other literal texts for Literature in English at Form 4.  In the 21st Century, Online learning has become central to the Education model. Kenyan schools, students and parents should not be left behind.

Our tutors will make you feel like they’re not on your own, academically, during this unprecedented COVID-19 times. The ability to get online safely at home, get online and have effective classes is an outstanding silver cloud lining during these current times. 

Our teachers and students are already fully aware of the benefits of online tutoring and actively choose this format anyway. Those who are currently uninitiated are strongly urged to give online lessons a go, at least on a temporary basis, as this is the safest way of all to proceed.

Not only is there zero risk of passing on or catching coronavirus via Skype or Zoom, but you may also be surprised by just how much this way of teaching has to offer and wonder why you never tried it before! We provide competent teachers to help your child revise for the national exams and revise difficult concepts in their schoolwork.

Get a tutor for any class in:

  • Primary school – Grade 1 – Class 7 (CBC & KCPE)
  • High school – Form 1 to Form 3
  • KCSE Revision for Form 4
  • KCPE Revision for Class 8
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